Christina Frei

52. Discover your Innate Marketing Genius with Christina Frei

We’ve all been exposed to so many ‘must do’ marketing strategies insisting that we need to reach a big following online or build a complicated funnel, or (you fill in the blank…)

But what if we could forget all that?

What if the secret to truly great marketing had nothing to do with what most of the marketing gurus are telling you?

My guest in today’s episode is Christina Frei, founder of

And here’s the thing that Christina’s figured out: The key to standing out in the market – it isn’t outside your business, it’s not the funnel you’ve built or the webinar you host or the ad campaign you run –  it’s inside you.

Want to stand out and get more engagement from your social media posts and videos?

You can earn the attention of people who know they’re a perfect fit for your offer with my FREE guide: 40 Video Engagement Post Ideas.


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