Build Your Authority

61. Build your authority engine for a stand out business

How would you like it if you could sit back and clients — exactly the kind of clients you want to work with — simply came knocking on your door asking to work with you?

You’d be living the dream, right? 🏝 🍹

But, you probably didn’t get into your business because you wanted to be a salesperson.

You started doing this because you’ve got a great talent and you genuinely want to solve the problems for your clients that your business was build to solve.

At no point did you probably think, “And I really want to spend most of my time searching for clients.”

So let’s talk about what it looks like to sit back and have clients come to you, because living the dream is possible, if you do it right.

Tune into this episode to hear:
✅  The two major marketing buckets that will bring your clients to you
✅  Why developing organic marketing is totally worth it
✅  How to build your authority engine for a stand out business

Episode Resources:
Mic Drop Moments – Become the face of your business with short, insightful videos that leverage your brand awareness.

Podcast Profit Platform – Power you personal brand with a stand out video podcast.


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