How to create good conversation questions for your business

Think for just a minute about the last time you spent in good conversation with one of your closest friends. Imagine what that conversation was like. What was the pacing like? your listening? their response? the times that you talked from your heart? It’s likely that your conversation was a two-way exchange.
Compare that with the last time you sent an email message to your audience. Or the last time you wrote a blog post. Was there the same kind of listening going on?

Can you imagine that your last email blast was, in fact, any kind of conversation at all?

OK, so now you’re thinking, “Well, Brad, how do I have a conversation when I’m sending a mass email or writing a blog post? I’m writing by myself and there’s nobody talking back to me.

conversation questions1. Ask a question

I have one idea for you which is: ask a question that’s very intriguing – and encourages a response.

2. Tell a story

Or tell a story that’s like some kind of mystery

3. Make a promise

Make a promise that at the beginning offers to answer the question and if people will only pay attention to what you’re saying, they’ll find out what the answer is.

4. Leave room – for your customer to be heard

Even better, when you’re on social media, make your customers part of the conversation. Ask a question – and people will answer – in the comments below. Listen to and engage with customers and your business will benefit in ways that you’ve never imagined.

My conversation questions for you?

What questions are you asking your audience? Or what questions are you going to ask your audience – today?

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