Trevor Blake

89. Practical Magic of the 5-Hour Work Day with Trevor Blake

Is it possible to grow your standout business, as a company of one, working just 5 hours/day?

My guest on this episode Standout CEO Show, Trevor Blake, is a creator and builder of successful home-based companies.

In 2010, Trevor was running 3 companies simultaneously from home while working less than 5 hours a day.

Although he built a network of part-time contractors to run various functions of the companies, he never hired a single employee.

The combined value of the companies was around $600 million.

In this episode we talked about the practical magic – yes magic – that will allow you to do the same.

While we’re all conditioned to think that the harder we work, the more we achieve, Trevor demonstrates how the opposite is scientifically and psychologically true.

and he shares some of the tools and techniques to ensure you can do exactly the same.

Listen up…!


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