Cydnee Detoy

136. Tired? Distracted? Burned-out? Listen to this – with Cydnee Detoy

Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately?

Has the holiday season left you a bit ragged, and now that the new year is kicking in, you feel like there’s no time to rest?

And so, do the things you used to enjoy doing at home and work seem impossible now?

Well, join the club.

Here’s the truth: if you want to build a standout business, you’ve got to learn how to keep burnout at bay.

Even if you’re only on the edge of overwhelm, listen up because executive coach, Cydnee DeToy, is joining me to unravel the complex tapestry of burnout that many of us entrepreneurs face.

This conversation is a masterclass in crafting a life that not only withstands burnout but can redefine your relationship with work…

so you’re transformed from frustrated & fatigued to energized & thriving!


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