Sabrina Stocker

75. 4 Steps To Massive PR Exposure with Sabrina Stocker

Trying to stand out amongst all the noise is one of the biggest challenges facing every small business.

With the current state of over saturated media & online channels, how can you harness the power of the press and gain massive exposure that actually moves the needle on your business growth?

I invited Sabrina Stocker onto the Stand Out CEO Show to help us meet this challenge. Sabrina is a public relations expert and cofounder of Two Comma PR.

Using a combination of storytelling and behavioral economics she launched a viral PR campaign for her company, Shopping Slot.

“Every press publication in the UK picked it up, which resulted in over 100,000+ users within 24 hours and over 3 million page views and nearly half a million users within the first six weeks,”

Join us as Sabrina breaks down her PR formula and find out how you can put it to work for your business.

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