Jenn Herman

96. Profit from your profile (on Instagram) with Jenn Herman

What if just TWO HOURS a month could transform your social engagement on Instagram? (even if you think it’s ‘too late’ to get on Instagram)

I’m a BIG believer in being super efficient & strategic when it comes to any form of content marketing.

After all you’ve got a business to run and you can’t spend hours upon hours every month trying to figure out what’s working.

That’s where this week’s guest, Jenn Herman, Instagram expert extraordinare comes in.

In this episode, Jenn is sharing how you can increase your reach on Instagram and create video reels that work – so that you’re driving up engagement and increasing conversions & sales.


🎙 Why Instagram presents such a great opportunity for marketing you business & building your brand
🎙 Jen’s recipe for which content types to post
🎙 The perfect cadence for posting consistently (it’s much easier than you think)
🎙 The best content type for conversions
Listen to our whole conversation!!


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