Brad Powell

14. How to get anything you want using video

Is the 4 Hour Work Week a myth? Or could it actually be possible? Join Big Reach Video

Have you ever seen an example of anyone who was successfully running their business on just 4 hours per week?

This is the exploration that I’d like to take you on. I’ve been embarking on a new approach to my own work – especially as it relates to creating content (i.e. live video) to market my business, connect with an audience who cares and close sales.

…with the restriction of spending no more than 4 hours per week to accomplish operating a multi-six figure business.

Can it be done? And why live video…?

In this video I’m mapping out the simple strategy that I’ve developed this past year that you can use as well.

Wondering how to get your voice out there & grow your business in less time with live video and video podcasting?

Then join the Big Reach Video mastermind and discover how you can attract the kind of ideal clients who buy everything you have to sell and come back for more!

Questions about all this? Let’s talk! I’ve still got a few spaces left in my calendar for a free Amplify Your Awesome breakthrough session. ​

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