15. What’s the opposite of Influencer?

It was the 4th of July. And it was Sunday morning and time for one of my favorite podcasts, Six Degrees of Separation. I was riding along the bike trail, listening to an interview with Jason Falls who’s the author of the newly published, “Winfluence, Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand.”

Jason was talking in depth about the question of what makes an influencer and the attitude and approach of showing up online for the sake of just getting more people to take a look at you & follow you.

And how this is done in the hope that if you do this all the time, post all the time & everywhere with the hope that you’ll eventually grow a big audience and some of those people will eventually decide to buy from you… “someday.”

So, I went live with this new video which is my take (a.k.a. rant) on what I think about becoming and influencer. I shared an alternate strategy which is NOT the influencer route.

I call this the un-influencer route. It’s actually the polar opposite of being an influencer. However, it is all about having genuine influence. And, in the video, I outline my 3-step strategy for how you can follow this route yourself…

Here’s my take: 

If you want to impress people, make things complicated. 

But, if you want to help them, keep it simple.

I help my clients do three things:

  • Become the familiar face to the people you want to reach.
  • Show how you can help them by actually helping them 
  • Offer your program or service.

In this episode I’ve broken down this strategy in detail – and show you how simple it can be :))

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