Sarah Noel Block

145. Lean Marketing in 6 Simple Steps – with Sarah Noel Block

How can you create a lean marketing strategy for your B2B service business that’s easy for you to maintain – even without a marketing department?

That’s the question we’re answering in this latest installment of our “Market Less, Matter More” series, featuring the brilliant Sarah Noel Block, MS founder of Tiny Marketing by Sarah Noel Block.

Sarah simplifies B2B marketing for small teams with her innovative lean strategy, focusing on genuine connections over flashy tactics.

You’ll learn how to streamline your efforts with just
✅ one dream client,
✅ one signature offer,
✅ one main social channel,
✅ one core content piece,
✅ two lead generators,
✅ and one gateway offer.

Sarah also shares practical tips for building trust and refining your offers through client interviews.

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