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38. Create content that matters with Pete Longworth

To get ahead in whatever business you’re in, the truth is… you’ve got to be able to create inspiring content!

If you don’t, you’ll simply get lost in the noise of other businesses competing for your potential customers’ attention.

Most people believe that you have to spend thousands on creative agencies and professional photographers to create outstanding content, but that’s actually not true!

If you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or business owner, and you don’t know how to effortlessly create content that inspires your customers, now’s your chance to learn!

I’ve invited photographer and videographer, Pete Longworth onto The Live Stream Show to talk about how you can create remarkable content that will attract the right audience.

After 18 years in the content creation industry, Pete believes that creating amazing content comes down to authenticity, creativity, strategy and implementation and he’s going to share some of his secrets on this episode.

if you’re already creating content for social media, your website, ads or emails and you want to stand out instead of adding to the noise, then this episode is for you.

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