Micheele Warner

144. Relationship Marketing: The Marketing Strategy Our Content-Obsessed World Forgot to Mention – with Michelle Warner

If you’re fed up with the endless marketing BS and tired of all the “must-dos” that don’t actually boost your sales, you’ve found your new home.

Welcome to The Standout Show’s New Series: “Market Less, Matter More” – designed for entrepreneurs who want sustainable profitable growth and anyone who wants to do more of what they love, with more impact, and a whole lot less marketing.

Each week we’re sharing short, 10-minute presentations with entrepreneurs who’ve discovered simpler, more impactful ways to connect with their customers.

In this first episode, co-hosts Eva Y. Chen & Brad Powell are joined by Michelle Warner, Relationship Marketing expert (who’s on a mission to design tiny companies that are built to last).

Get ready to elevate your customer engagement through the power of relationship marketing.


  • Michelle’s map of the marketing landscape, from the warm, referral-like awareness at the heart of relationship marketing to the wide-reaching nets cast by traffic marketing.
  • Instead of creating your Ideal Client Avatar, create your Ideal Connection Avatar
  • Strategies for borrowing audiences and adding value in a way that leaves a lasting impact.


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