Brad Powell

How to make the boring beautiful

I find the advice, “Don’t be boring” completely useless.

After all our lives are filled with rather ordinary, mundane stuff – like right now I’m writing this in a Starbucks cafe ☕️

(kind of boring, right?)

But there’s always a way to make the boring beautiful – when you’re creating content – especially video content!!

Here’s 3 tips for making your content beautiful:

✅ The things that we’re going to remember are things are tinged with emotion.

The magic spark is going to be in those highlights.

The one emotion to focus on? Surprise! 🤡

Challenge assumptions – disrupt what people think is going to happen.

Every piece of content should make you smile or make you think or make you feel something.

✅ Develop a sense of rhythm & then interrupt often.

This is an easy addition in your carousels🎠 or on video 🎥

Create a visual theme and then interrupt the theme with new visuals

✅ But your main job…

Keep people (your audience) on task. Keep their attention!

What’s the best way to do this?

Ask questions. (see what I did?)
Create open loops. Be curious and interested.

You can always tell when people are phoning it in, doesn’t want to be there or doesn’t believe in what they’re saying.

People’s B.S. meter is very strong.

So be interested – ’cause if you aren’t then no one is.

✅ Bonus tip: even the most ordinary stuff can be beautiful.

Remember the plastic bag scene from “American Beauty?”

A plastic bag, blowing in the wind is transformed into something mesmerizing that holds our attention

– and, yes, makes us feel something…