Nikola Grabacic

97. The hardest question every business has to answer with Nikola Grabacic

Every business needs to face this tough question: why should your customers & clients choose you?

Are you creating a unique image and identity for your brand that sets it apart in the minds of your audience?

How can you position your brand so that others in your industry become irrelevant?

Answering these questions is the life’s work and mission of this week’s guest, ✳️ Nikola Grabacic, who’s the owner of the Spark & Matter creative agency that helps purpose-led brands scale effectively in the post-Covid world.

Join us as we take a deep dive into helping you figure out how to position your brand so that it stands out.


  • Where to start when positioning your brand
  • The most radical way you can get inside your target audience’s mind
  • How to put the personal in personal branding


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