Robb Gilbear

83. Screw Your Funnel with Robb Gilbear

You’ve likely heard this before: “In order to have a successful online business, you absolutely need a funnel!”

After all, a funnel promises to automate your business – magically bringing you clients while you sip piña coladas🍹on the beach, right?

The problem is that a funnel is impersonal. Your Funnel reduces your prospects to numbers.

You’re forcing people down a path and squeezing them, round pegs and square pegs alike, through a small hole.

Funnels treat people like cattle. 🐮 Or sheep 🐑

Enter today’s guest on the Standout CEO Show, Robb Gilbear, founder of

Robb suggests that instead of a funnel that you need to build a rocket ship where potential clients excitedly volunteer for the ride, enjoy the journey, and the clients who join you for the adventure stay with you for longer.

Buckle up – today we’re headed for the Milky Way…!


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