Danny Young

126. Mastering the Art of Lead Generation with Facebook Ads with Danny Young

Have you been relying on organic traffic to drive your growth?

And does that leave you feeling stuck on the hamster🐹 wheel of manual lead generation?

So, what would it look like to automate the flow of leads into your business and accelerate the know-like-trust journey…?

✅ so you can save time
✅ and create more consistency
✅ and never again have to worry where your next client is coming from!

Then stay tuned as we delve into the promising world of paid traffic & Facebook ads with our expert guest, Danny Young.

Danny’s managed millions in ad spend and generated thousands of leads and customers for his clients. He came on the show to guide us through some simple strategies that will keep your brand and products in the spotlight for your ideal clients.


  • How using video ads to build an audience can be simpler (and cheaper) than you think.
  • Identifying the best performing organic content for your ads
  • Using Facebook Ads to create an engaged audience
  • Strategies for kickstarting conversations with leads


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