Stand Out In 60 Seconds

How to stand out out in just 60 seconds

Did you know that less than 1% of people on LinkedIn post video?

86% of people actually want MORE video from businesses like yours.
(Which is just about everyone)

But I know what you’re thinking, “Video takes too much time & figuring out all the tech is is too much trouble.”

It’s true:
❌ The job of creating video day after day can seem super daunting
❌ It feels like it’s gonna take a lot of time
❌ And who wants to spend their entire life on social media?

And when you’re sitting in front of the camera…
😱 What are you gonna talk about?
😱 What are you gonna talk about tomorrow?
😱 What are gonna talk about the day after tomorrow?

The good news is that I’ve developed a fairly painless system where you can
be clear, and concise and stand out in just 60 seconds.

And I call this method Mic Drop Moments

There are basically 3 steps

Step #1
We’ll sit down with you and get you camera ready so that you’re looking and sounding as professional as you possibly can.
You don’t need fancy cameras or equipment.
You can either use your phone 📱
or you can use your laptop 👩‍💻

Step #2
We sit for a remote interview
I will ask you questions
and you give me responses
I pull out your best stories & insights

Step #3
I’ll take that footage and edit it down into 30 to 60 second clips
and you get an entire month’s worth of content

You spend 1 hour with me and you get a month of content.

Want to see a case study that shows how one of my clients used his Mic Drop Moments to go from $10k/month to $50k/month.
Say ‘case study’ below.