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125. Ready to Unleash the Power of Your Personality-Driven Brand? – with Andrea Jones

Want the secret to standing out in a crowded marketplace?
It’s not about fancy designs or catchy taglines…

It’s about authenticity, human connection, and personality.

This week I sat down with branding expert, Andrea Jones, for a deep dive into the practicalities of personality-driven branding.

We talked about the balance between personal and professional branding, and how to create campaigns that are informative but also entertaining and tug at the heartstrings.


  • How to amplify the parts of your personality that resonate most with your audience.
  • How to pick the right social media platform based on your audience’s preferences
  • How to collect and choose stories that make your brand more engaging and memorable.
  • The power of using anecdotes to stir emotions in your audience.

This episode is for you if you’re looking to build a compelling and engaging personality-driven brand.


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