Brad Powell

115. Make The Biggest Impact In The Least Amount Of Time

Ever wondered how to captivate your audience in less than a minute?

The secret to grabbing & holding attention these days is keeping it short and to the point. This is especially true when it comes to video.

And even if you’ve NEVER imagined yourself as a video content creator, there is a super simple way to create great video content of you spontaneously sharing your best insights.

By far the easiest & most common way to spread your message to the right audience is to be a guest on somebody else’s podcast.

In this solo episode I’m sharing how you can transform your podcast guest opportunities into a treasure trove of content using my approach to answering questions within a tight time-frame, thus ensuring an engaged audience.

For the past year, I’ve been part of a mastermind hosted by Michelle Mazur called the Expert Up Club, and she invited us to get on a Zoom call to share just one ‘expert trick.’

This episode is a recording from that meeting where I’m sharing my trick where the group put me on the spot to do a live demonstration of what I was sharing with them on the art of answering any question in less than a minute – starting with a good hook.


✅ Creating hooking elements in your responses

✅ The importance of being able to captivate an audience quickly & efficiently

✅ How to handle commonly asked questions in a concise, impactful way

✅ Recording yourself with a simple setup using a camera or a smartphone

Listen up & start making your podcast speaking engagements more intriguing and impactful!

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