Brad Powell

How to stop caring what others think… (about your videos)

I flew all the way to Mexico to make this video!

And while I was there, I was reading Joe Dispenza’s latest book, “Supernatural.”(if you’ve never heard of Joe Dispenza, then go watch the movie, ”What the bleep do we know?” and he’s featured in that documentary.)

In the introduction Dr. Joe talks about how in his work and his life as a scientist he spent a lot of time and energy trying to convince the scientific community that his work was valid – that it was is real, that it was genuine, that it was worthy of their attention.And after doing this for years and years, he came to the conclusion that they were never going to accept it and that he was wasting his time.

Once he actually released this worry and concern that, ”Oh, I need to be I need to be seen as authentic and genuine in the eyes of this particular community,” he was able to go even further with his work.And in this video, I want to relate that feeling to all of us – because when we are going to show up in the world, whatever work we’re doing whatever we are bringing to the world and what we’re wanting to give with our talents.

I know that when I’m getting on camera I often have this concern over will you even care? Or will anybody even watch? Or will anyone pay attention to what I’m saying?

Or will people will find it worthy?

If you can get to that place where you just stop caring about what other people think, it makes all the difference in how you start to show up.

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