Mia Moran

133. The perfect remedy for long, boring virtual summits – with Mia Moran

Have you ever wondered how to successfully host a virtual summit that’s both engaging and efficient – but not super long & boring?

The only thing worse than a long boring webinar…
…is a much longer, boring virtual summit
(you know the kind that that lasts for several days of long, boring presentations that turn into a pitch fest)

Well, now there’s a remedy thats been developed by this weeks guest, Mia Moran.

Mia wanted to host a month-long event during the holiday time…
(A time usually associated with additional stress)
that would help her audience reset and rejuvenate in time for the New Year.

She wanted to give people simple, daily steps that could be accomplished in just 5 minutes.

And so, her ‘Small Moves That Matter’ 5-minute virtual summit was born!

So, if you want to learn how to successfully host a virtual summit that people are much more likely to engage with, then tune in because we’re going to tell the story of how Mia has put together a daily series of 5-minute presentations for the whole month of December.

And, bonus, each speaker created and submitted their own presentation – so, way less work than the normal amount required by hosting a multi-day virtual event.

This totally goes into the category of ‘many hands make light work’ section of solopreneurship :))


  • Shifting from hour-long interviews to self-made 5-minute video presentations
  • The challenges of organizing 31 individuals to create content
  • Essential tips on creating successful ,short videos and the necessity of a supportive team


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