113. What Future-Proofing Your Business Means in 2023 with Adriana Tica

Are you ready for success & exponential growth? This year?

How would your business change if you could triple your revenue overnight?

If you could get not one, but 100 of your dream clients? It would be great, right?

It could be. But only if you’re ready for it.

’cause, here’s the thing:

Our minds are mostly trained to guard against failure, (after all 70% of startups fail in years 2-5), so we really do need to be thinking about future-proofing.

We tend to worry a lot about the worst thing that could happen, and we plan for it, but it’s rare that we do this for the best-case scenarios.

And while you may have a ton of backup plans for failure, I’ll bet you don’t have any for massive success.

So, it’s become more important than ever for us to imagine a successful & sustainable future…

To help us do that, I invited digital marketer & trend analyst, Adriana Tica onto the Standout Business Show.

Listen up because Adriana is going to walk us through how you can build a solid foundation for long-term sustainable growth AND future proof your business!

Adriana underscores the importance of laying a rock-solid foundation, making the right client choices, and assembling the perfect team for long-lasting success.

Don’t forget to join us every Thursday at 11 am Eastern Time for more insightful business strategies. Let’s build standout businesses together!


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