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111. Get Overbooked Without Social Media with Michelle Warner

In today’s hyped-up, digital world, it’s easy for businesses to fall into the relentless cycle of social media posting. We’re often caught in the trap of trying to increase visibility, assuming that it will directly translate to business success.

However, this week’s guest, Michelle Warner, came on to share her alternative marketing approach – relationship marketing. Her approach moves away from the typical traffic marketing strategy and focuses on building genuine, lasting relationships with clients.

During the interview, Michelle shares her experiences and insights in relationship marketing. We explored the concept of taking the spotlight off yourself and strategically building relationships, even if you’re an introvert or running a niche business.

And she brings up an important point – visibility isn’t always beneficial if it’s not reaching your potential buyers. Instead, businesses should craft their approach based on the needs and interests of their target audience to ensure successful encounters.

One of the ways to do this is through collaborative outreach. Your business can cultivate relationships by participating in group programs, masterminds, guest blog posts, and podcasts. By providing value to your audience through these various channels, you can effectively build relationships and trust.

The interview episode wraps up with a discussion on the concept of ‘right reach’ versus ‘big reach.’ It’s all too easy for businesses to get caught up in the idea of having a large reach.

However, we discuss the importance of opting out of the big reach cycle and prioritizing relationship building. It’s about reaching the right people – those who are genuinely interested in your product or service and are likely to become loyal customers.

In the world of marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. While some businesses may find success in traffic marketing, if your business offers a high-ticket, high touch kind of service, then you’ll find relationship marketing to be more effective.

It’s about understanding your target audience and crafting a marketing strategy that resonates with them. By focusing on building genuine relationships, businesses can not only increase their reach but also create a loyal customer base that leads to long-term success.

In conclusion, relationship marketing is a unique approach that can revolutionize your marketing strategy. By building genuine connections with clients, you can create a loyal customer base that leads to long-term business success.

So tune in to this episode & get ready to revolutionize your approach to marketing!


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