Andy Owen

46. How to create awesome video tutorials with Andy Owen

When you want to learn something new what do you do? I’m betting you look for a video that will show you how to do what you’re looking for.

Since we’ve all been working from home and social distancing for the past two years, the amount of time we spend watching videos has skyrocketed.

What that means, if you’re serious about teaching others or building an online course, is that creating video tutorial has turned into one of the best delivery methods.

But how do you make a great tutorial video? How do you create video that shows you how instead of telling you how?

To help answer these questions, I invited Andy Owen onto The Live Stream Show. Andy is the social engagement and video manager at Techsmith – the company behind the amazing screen recorder & video editing software, Camtasia.

We take a super deep dive into the hows and whys of sharing your wisdom on video.

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