Ashley Pare

21. Own Your Worth with Ashley Paré

Whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur working with clients or a professional working inside a large corporation, knowing the value of your work – and asking to get paid what you’re worth – is hard.

And let’s be honest.

Most people undercharge and under-negotiate their true value – and end up working for less.

This week’s guest on The Live Stream Show, Ashley Paré, gives women leaders the tools to own their worth and the courage to ask for what they want so they can start recognizing their value and stop proving themselves.

She can help you break through both internal and external glass ceilings to make “asks” that align your ideal career, impact, and earnings.

Join us as we talk about how you can step into your own power & operate from your full potential, without fearing what others think, so that your life and business thrives.

Biggest takeaway? Going for “No.” Being willing to push through fear and ask for what you’re worth – and accepting that you could get a “No” as your answer.

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