Tracy Hazzard

47. How to find your binge factor with Tracy Hazzard

Have you ever wondered how the producers of shows on Netflix or Amazon make their series so bingeable? And have you struggled with creating content on your own that is truly binge-worthy?

A lot of our efforts in promoting our work and getting our names out there usually revolve around attracting as many new people as possible.

But, here’s the secret truth: Who you attract is not nearly as important as who stays.

So what can you do to keep people coming back?

When you’re publishing your live videos, your podcast or your blog or your LinkedIn newsletter – how do you attract your ideal clients who will binge all your content, buy everything you sell and come back for more?

I’ve invited Tracy Hazzard, host of The Binge Factor’ podcast, on to help answer these questions. Tracy has interviewed & coached hundreds entrepreneurs & content creators to help them discover what they have to share that will give them that sticky quality that will keep people coming back again and again.


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