Kit Pang

66. Fearless Public Speaking with Kit Pang

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Not a big fan of public speaking? Does the mere idea of standing up in front of an audience give sweaty palms and dry, cotton-mouth?

You’re not alone! Which is why I invited public speaking coach, Kit Pang onto the Stand Out CEO Show.

Study after study confirms that public speaking remains one of our single greatest fears.

Warren Buffett had public speaking anxiety, Julia Roberts had it, and even Adele (the singer) had anxiety so she created an alter ego “Sasha Carter” to pump her up before shows.

So, how do you overcome the fear of public speaking?

And what’s the most effective, efficient and enjoyable way to beat public speaking anxiety…?

Kit Pang is a 3-time TEDx speaker and founder of Boston Speaks and he’s going to walk us through his best methods for beating public speaking anxiety.

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