Sheryl Plouffe

117. Podcasting Your Way to Seven-Figure Success with Sheryl Plouffe

Is Podcasting having its moment?

With an astonishing 177 MILLION avid podcast listeners, there’s lots of opportunity for you to share your expertise and have deeper more meaningful engagements with your target audience.

But can you actually make any money at it?

Can a podcast provide with an authority platform that shines like a beacon and draws your ideal clients to you?

This week’s guest, Sheryl Plouffe has made it her mission to help coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses with profitable podcasts via her Seven Figure Podcaster Program.

Sheryl guides us through her proven approach to securing potential guests, fostering lasting relationships, and nurturing successful collaborations.


  • The importance of a high ticket offer
  • The three P’s of 7-figure podcasts: Platforms, Partnerships, and Patrons
  • How podcasts nurture collaborations, summits and workshops


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