Ann Carden

13. Build Your Expert Business – with Ann Carden

How can you grow your expert business and get all the clients & customers you want from social media, online marketing and, yes, live video? Join my guest, business growth consultant & marketing and sales strategist, Ann Carden, as we walk though how you can:

💥  Build your business online without spending any money on ads
💥  How you can magnetically attract premium clients, customers and opportunities daily
💥  Turn cold leads into raving fans & hot prospects

and so much more…!

Ann Carden is the author of, “The Expert In You” and host of “The Strategic Edge” podcast.  Ann has founded and built six businesses of her own and has sold five of those businesses and therefore has personally experienced all the struggles, frustrations, pitfalls and mistakes many small business owners make when they are growing their companies.

If you’re inspired by Ann’s story and now you’re thinking of growing your expert business by creating your own live video channel, reach out to me. I’d be happy to get on a call with you to hear about your vision and we can map out a strategy that could work for your project.

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