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43. How to make the most engaging video content you’ve ever created

All of us creators, myself included, are just absolutely killing ourselves by doing tons and tons of how to videos and tons of educational and value content – because we all believe that this is the thing that we really need to be doing.

Coming to the market place in our zone of genius and constantly teaching about the thing that we know best.

And I’m going to say that this could be one of the things that’s absolutely hurting your business right now.

In this episode I’m sharing what I think is probably the most powerful thing that you can do when you are talking to your audience, especially when you’re making a video.

I know that this is going against the grain of what everyone is teaching but I have to stand up for something and this is what I’m about to say.

Why would this be a bad thing?

Well, when you’re only talking about the thing that you know, there’s a couple of problems with that.

I don’t care what niche you’re in or what field you’re talking about or what your expertise is, the information that you have to share is not that valuable.

In fact, it’s already available everywhere. You can search for it on YouTube or you can do a quick Google search and you’ll probably get 10,000 results for whatever question you have.

If the answer to everybody’s problem was just a little bit more information, then we’d all be rich. We’d all be slender and have lost our 50 pounds. We’d all have a beautiful spouse. We’d all have great jobs. We’d all be living this fantastic life.

And yet here we are in the information age, and all this information has been dumped upon us, and most of us are in the same spot that we were before the time of the Internet.

So if information alone isn’t the answer then what is the thing that you really should be trying to focus on when you’re coming to the marketplace and you’re wanting to stand out amongst all of the people who are shouting and talking about the same kinds of things that you’re talking about?

You want to come forward with something that’s a bit polarizing.

And you want to talk to your audience in a way that first of all they feel like you understand them. It’s not important that they understand you as much as you make them feel like you understand them.

You want to make this personal connection in that way and by understanding them, you know that they have a belief system and it’s probably a limiting belief that is keeping them where they are, and keeping them from getting the thing that they would like that your business can help them with.

And so there’s a before-and-after here and you want to come to their mindset knowing what their limiting belief is – and you want to challenge that belief.

You want to bust it right open. You want to challenge this myth that they’ve created in their head and you want to bust it.

You want to have them go, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never thought about it this way.”

This is probably the most powerful thing that you can do when you are talking to your audience, especially when you’re making a video.

So in the very next video that you make I want you to be thinking about what does my audience currently believe? What is the conventional wisdom that everybody is accepting that I know is limiting them, that I know that I want to challenge, that I know that if we think about it in this new way, then everything will change?

And this is the way that you want to be approaching the next piece of content that you create.

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