Marian Esanu

How to hook viewers on video – with Marian Esanu

In a recent interview with Marian Esanu I asked him: How to hook viewers on video? When, and how, should you introduce yourself? Should you even bother to introduce yourself?

Marian’s answer describes a really simple formula on how to hook viewers on video and establish your credibility as a natural part of how you tell your story. He said that you want to use your hook in the first three seconds – which is basically calling out the topic of the video.

So for example, “In this video I’m going to give you five tips for growing your business with video.”

That’s the hook.

And it tells people immediately why they should watch.

Then you start giving the tips: “Tip #1 is ___ , Tip #2 is ___ and keep going. But then while you explain those things you want to give a case study about how you helped one of your clients do tip #1 or tip #2 and then you can introduce yourself as someone who does this for all your clients. It becomes a natural way to talk about yourself and your work in the context of sharing valuable information.

So, you begin with your hook and start talking about the first 1 or 2 tips and then embed a case study where it becomes natural to say who you are and what you do.

Marian Esanu is the creator of High End Client Acquisition and a member of the 7 Comma Club with Click Funnels which means that he built a funnel that generated over $1 million in revenue.

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