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120. Humanize Your Brand on LinkedIn with Joshua B. Lee

Is it just me or do you find it ironic that one of the biggest challenges facing us small business people right now (due to the onslaught of all things AI) is how to be more human online?

Being an entrepreneur has always felt a bit like you’re all alone on an island. You’ve been taught to guard your turf – that you shouldn’t share your ideas, and you certainly shouldn’t open up about your mistakes and failures.

Add to that the isolation we’ve all experienced in the past 3 years because of covid AND the proliferation of AI language models that are pumping our mediocre messaging faster than you can say ‘OMG!’

So, how do you humanize your brand and build real human connections in the online marketing world?

It was with this question in mind that I invited Joshua B. Lee onto the Standout Business Show because his work is all about creating real human connections online and building long lasting relationships and brand advocates that last a lifetime.

My biggest takeaway from this episode? “Real and raw out performs overproduced every time.”

It’s not just OK to let down your hair and share a real look at your life, it actually will help you connect with your audience.

Joshua’s called “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn” so listen up as we take a deep dive into the art of creating authentic connections & share practical strategies to create authentic relationships on LinkedIn.


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