Laura Gatsos Young

119. How to build a community of brand evangelists with Laura Gatsos Young

How can you build a community of brand advocates that love your company as much as you do?

After all, your customers don’t need another thing; instead, they want to feel a part of something

What if you built your sales and marketing strategy around your customers so that you’ve developed an engaged, lifelong community?

Crack the code of creating a loyal tribe of brand cheerleaders with this week’s guest, Laura Gatsos Young—a seasoned sales copywriter and marketing strategist.

Discover why simple data collection from surveys isn’t enough, and gain insights on how to extract more meaningful information from customer interactions.

Laura also shares the art of crafting the perfect questions to unearth your customers’ real needs and desires – and how to position them as the hero of your brand narrative.

Together we’ll explore the often overlooked, yet potent value of connecting with customers beyond the digital realm, and how these minor yet strategic actions can yield significant insights into your customer’s world.

Are you ready to reshape your approach to customer engagement? Tune in ’cause Laura is going to share how you can connect with your audience so they engage more, buy more, and spread your message happily.

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