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29. Pre-recorded vs live video – which one is right for you?

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Here’s a question that I hear a lot, “Should I make pre-recorded videos or should I go live?”

“Which is better, pre-corded or live video?”

And yes, I have some strong opinions on this topic!

So here comes my deep dive into the pros & cons between pre-recorded vs live video…

The BIG promise of video is that it leverages your time – letting you speak one to many. But which of these two formats gives you more leverage?

I’m firmly in the ‘go live and thrive’ camp – here’s my short list of the advantages of live streaming:

1. You can let go of being perfect

2. There’s no editing! The HUGE time bottleneck in pre-recorded video is in the large amount of time it needs to edit.

3. More engagement – when you’re live, you’re ‘the hostess with the mostest’ – people interact with you & each other – all that engagement give you more reach

4. More Reach – likes comments, shares – It all juices the algorithm – You can invite guests on & pair your stream with your guests so you’re live on both your channels – Multicasting is a thing. You can stream to multiple locations at once!

5. Simple – get started with your phone – go live anywhere – in the moment – be spontaneous!

6. You can repurpose your live video so many ways – turn your live into pre-recorded clips for shorts & reels – it’s so time efficient – go live once – show up everywhere, every. single. day.

Are you going live? Why not?

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