8. Make Engaging Videos With Eye Hacking – with Paul Martin

What is Eye Hacking and what does it have to do with making super engaging videos?

A few weeks ago I posted this question: “What topic could you talk about passionately for 18 minutes without preparing?”

Among the many comments, I got a two-word response from videographer, Paul Martin, “Eye hacking.”

I had to know.

What the heck is eye hacking? 👀

And that’s why, for this week’s episode of The Live Stream Show, I invited Paul on to tell us.

Paul says, “I’ve been studying visual perception and gestalt psychology to make videos more engaging and effective for brands. It’s what directors like David Fincher and cinematographers like Villenueve have been doing in movies for the past 10 years.”

Sound super cool? 😎

In this episode we’re uncovering the secrets of the masters to make your videos more engaging.

Reach Paul Martin at Knackhaus: https://knackhaus.com/

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