Matt Shiver

64. Build your stand-out growth system with Matt Shiver

What if you had a system that made it easy to earn money online? And what if you could have consistent growth without working more hours?

That’s what my guest, Dr. Matt Shiver will be answering in this episode of The Stand Out CEO Show. Matt helps entrepreneurs build simple, effective lead generation systems that allow their business to grow without them working “in the business.”
Join us as we take a deep dive into how you can create a stand out growth system that not only works, but brings you consistent growth month after month so your business can have a bigger impact.

Matt is currently working with me as a client and he’s crushing it with his Mic Drop Moments videos. The last time we spoke he had posted the very first Instagram Reel we produced together and within the first 2 hours it had over 2,5000 views and 100 likes.
Learn how you can start doing your own Mic Drop Moments

Episode Resources:

Connect with Matt Shiver

Free Guide: 40 Video Conversation Starters – Earn the attention of people who know they’re a perfect fit for your offer!

Mic Drop Moments – Become the face of your business with short, insightful videos that leverage your brand awareness.


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