Can You Transform Your Business in 5 Hours? Interview with Pamela Bruner

This week I’m delighted to share with you a live interview with Pamela Bruner – who’s been my business coach for the past 3 years and who has helped me transform my own business. Pamela is the founder of ‘Attract Clients Online’ a business coaching and Facebook Ad agency. 

In our discussion we covered questions like: which is better as a call to action – a freebee or a phone call? and, when should you run Facebook Ads?

I even asked Pamela to share her take on how she uses live video.

And, speaking of live video, Pamela’s annual event, Transform, for coaches, healers, consultants, and other service professionals – is happening this weekend – and she’s going to be live streaming a big portion (5 hours!) so that you can get in on the same powerful content that they’re getting (without leaving home)!

You can catch the livestream from Transform here: