Pamela Slim

127. Lighting Your Beacon & Building Your Business Ecosystem with Pamela Slim

Finding and connecting with your audience online has become a huge challenge for small businesses because the social media landscape has become so bloody fragmented!

Which is why this week’s guest, Pamela Slim, advocates that you create a primary communication channel – a process she calls ‘lighting your beacon.’

So, what’s your beacon? And how do you light it so that it shines a light on the mission of your work?

Listen up, because Pamela’s sharing exactly how to choose which beacon to light in ways that will amplify your message and build an ecosystem for your business.

Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker, and business coach who works with small business owners ready to scale their businesses. She’s the author of 3 books:  ‘Escape from Cubicle Nation’, ‘Body of Work’, and ‘The Widest Net’.


  • Identifying the perfect ‘watering holes’ – places where your ideal clients are already congregating and seeking solutions to their problems.
  • Selecting the right beacon for your message – whether it be an email newsletter, blog or a podcast
  • The importance of choosing a medium that resonates with both you and your ideal clients.
  • Crafting content that tackles the problems your business is designed to solve.


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