Power of Music

71. Using The Power of Music To Tune In To Your Success with Brady Brewer

I know you’ve had some experience of the power of music.

Like when you’re listening to a song and it sends you back to an exact moment in time and you not only remember all the details, but you can feel the energy from that moment.

Or maybe you’ve experienced that same kind of feeling while singing in the shower or singing in your car along with a song that’s blasting on the radio.

Well, what if you could regularly tune in to that energy?

What if the practice of getting in synch with your songs, tuning into the song playlist from your life, was one of the keys to your success?

Get ready to take a deep dive into the power of music along with music guide, Brady Brewer.


Brady is dedicated to using music to help high-level entrepreneurs bust emotional blocks, remaster the unknown and amplify Joy.

And not only did we share music stories but I had fun in adding a bunch of music examples to the soundtrack of this episode. (Way more fun editing than normal!)

I hope you enjoy!

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