Private Audio Podcast

18. Why a private podcast could become your best salesperson


Just like you, your ideal clients are busy.

They don’t have time to sit in front of a computer screen, watching 60-minute masterclass videos or reading long e-books just to get the information they need.

What if there was a way to give your audience (and prospective clients) what they’re looking for in an easy-to-digest format that works with their busy lives?

…So they could get excited about working with you and come to your strategy/discovery call with 100% certainty that your offer is the solution they’ve been looking for?

Imagine how it would feel…

🎙 To only hop on sales calls with prospects who are already ready and excited to work with you.

🎙 To easily point inquiries to the information they need, instead of hopping on a “quick call” or responding to dozens of DMs.

🎙 To free up those endless hours currently reserved for social media posting and be able to devote more time to the work you love.

🎙 To feel like the way you sell your offers is informative, valuable, and service-first — never pushy or sleazy.

🎙 To work exclusively with clients who truly understand the value of what you do, trust your expertise, and are excited about collaborating with you (and want to pay you for your skills).

Instead of a multi-day video challenge you could offer a mini-pop-up podcast that’s delivered exclusively only to those who opt-in? And it works for you as an audio sales letter to build trust and engagement turning your virtual connections into customers & clients who know they’re a perfect fit for your offer.

The doors are open to the next cohort of Big Reach Audio!

The Big Reach Audio program gives you a truly minimalist approach to social media marketing and is designed to show you how to generate ongoing, reliable income month after month with a Private Audio Podcast.

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