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57. 3 Steps to Storytelling Success

Most of the things you read about how to come up with better stories and content for social media focus on the ideas you have, or your imagination, or on brainstorming.

But, at the very start you may not know what your ideas are.

You don’t even know what you should be talking about.

You don’t know anything⁉️

All you have is a blank screen 📺

But, within you there are personal stories, experiences & knowledge that’s priceless.

Let’s talk about how you can tap into your self expression as your way to stand out that could be the basis of your career or a product or a whole business.

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Here’s three steps to coming up with more ideas for more content creation than you can handle so that you’ll never run out.

Step #1: Tap into your self expression & demonstrate how you are different

When you muster up the courage to look inside yourself and the willingness to share your message, you can initiate meaningful conversations with your chosen audience.

Step #2:Frame your core belief

You must wrap everything you tell your audience around the change they seek to make and the enemy, the status quo, that is the source of their current pain and anxiety.
You help them by comparing the “old game” they’re currently playing with the “new game” they could be playing…

The teams that are really winning are doing something different. And it’s really about a war against the status quo. It’s not about ‘How are we different from direct competitors?’. It’s ‘How is the game you have to play different from the game you used to have to play?’” – Andy Raskin, positioning consultant

how do you do this???

Step #3

When you have a conversation and your eyebrows raise up – write that down
When you read a book and there’s a good quote – write that down
When you’re watching a cool scene from a Netflix show – write that down

If you do this for just a few weeks all of a sudden you’ll see 30-40-50 interesting nuggets

Then with each one:

  • name the idea
  • is there a story that goes with this?
  • what’s the lesson?
  • put them into an outline and turn that into content

you’ll be amazed at the consistency of insights and realizations and stories and little nuggets that you have just in day-to-day life.

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I’ve developed a method & framework called “mic drop moments” where I pull your best ideas and your best stories out of you – and makes it super easy to get all your stand out, social media content published across all your platforms.

This is especially useful to lead your audience to your next launch or book release.

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