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7. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable – with Whitney Lauritsen

What if you were able to loosen up, get out of your own way and thumb your nose at your comfort zone – so you felt ready to put on a great show and capture your creative genius?

This week’s guest, Whitney Lauritsen just might help you get there.

She’s the co-host of the This Might Get Uncomfortable podcast and she’s a video and social media marketing coach. Plus she hosted the Eco-vegan gal Youtube channel with 60,000 subscribers and is the author of three books on vegan cuisine.

Listen to our conversation as Whitney shares the most effective ways to transform the overwhelming feeling of social media and leveraging the power of bite-sized content to build your online brand.

How do you claim your right to show yourself?

What are you doing this week to show up in a truly beautiful way? To reach for something big?

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