Yuri Choi

59. Create your own happiness with Yuri Choi

What are the secrets to productivity, growth mindset AND happiness? In our hustle culture world, is it even possible to be super productive, achieve remarkable growth and be happy?

There’s certainly many examples of business leaders who’s business has become successful who aren’t happy. And for the rest of us who are still struggling to stand out, to reach our goals – how can we be happy along the way?

Or do we have it all backwards? That maybe happiness comes first. That our goals and dreams can only flow from creating a mindset of happiness.

These are the questions that my guest, Yuri Choi has been asking in her work as a performance coach and with her new book, “Creating Your Own Happiness.”

If you’re inspired by today’s episode and you’re ready to build a stand out business and void getting lost in the crowd then I have an invitation. I’d love to talk with you about how to make your brand uniquely compelling, effective and radically different.

I’ve still have a few spots in my calendar for a standout business breakthrough session where we can make a plan for you to become a Standout CEO.

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