take a stand

76. How to stand out with confidence

What’s the secret to showing up big time and stepping out as the person who you really are?

What can you do to get out of your own way and take a stand as the person you’re meant to be?

Take a lesson from this 4 year-old girl.

We all carry a little mirror in our pocket that reflects who we are and how we show up.

It’s called your smartphone 📱

And if you’re feeling less than confident about revealing yourself, a great, daily practice is to pick your phone up, hold it selfie-style, hit record and say what’s on your mind.

You don’t have to share these recordings (at first), but a daily practice will help you get used to how you look and sound until you’re saying things to yourself like, “I like hair! I like my hair cut! I can do anything good. I can do anything!”

To start this episode off I’ve pulled a really cool bit of inspiration from a viral video clip showing exactly how you can do this.

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