Akira Armstrong

12. Breaking The Norm – with Akira Armstrong

How often are you trying to fit in as you navigate through the business world?

Are adopting business jargon? Are wearing the clothes (a.k.a. uniform) that matches your profession?

Highlighting only those past experiences that make you seem more professional?

Just so you’ll fit in?

In the attempt to succeed we often try to hide parts of who we really are.

But, what would happen if you did the opposite?

How can you highlight your differences & make them your biggest advantage?

I’m sharing the story of Akira Armstrong, who’s an extremely talented dancer and choreographer, but didn’t have the typical body type for the dance world.

So, instead of trying to fit into a mold she featured who she is and founded “The Pretty Big Movement” that’s breaking stereotypes.

If you’re inspired by Akira’s story and now you’re thinking of launching your movement by creating your own live video channel, reach out to me. I’d be happy to get on a call with you to hear about your vision and we can map out a strategy that could work for your project.

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