Authenticity Code

135. My #1 business growth prediction for the new year: The Authenticity Code

If you woke up today thinking about what to look forward to in the New Year… here’s a simple change you can make that could make all the difference to your level of impact.

First I have to admit that I’m not a futurist. (I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the new year).

But, after doing so many interviews on my podcast with really smart people and after working with a bunch of really smart clients this past year…

I’ve learned quite a bit about what’s working and what’s not working – and how you can stand apart from the crowd.

So here’s one thing I’m suggesting that you can lean in on in the coming year.

It’s something you can do easily – without adding anything to what you’re already doing.

And, it could supercharge how easily you attract & convert new clients that are exactly the right fit for you.

Sound good?

Then listen to this short solo episode that I just made for you.

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