Deirdre Tshien

123. How To Find Your Own Voice with AI – with Deirdre Tshien

What’s the shortest route to getting better at communicating your message and honing in on the thing that’s most important to your audience…?

This week, I was talking with Deirdre Tshien all about using AI to co-create your authentic voice.

I know, sounds ridiculous, right? Using artificial intelligence to uncover the real you!

But my main takeaway is this: When you can use AI powered tools that record the things you say – they can serve you the highlights and key points – things that maybe you’ve forgotten that you said…

which can give you all kinds of fresh ideas of what to lean into and do more of as you hone your messaging!

Really cool conversation – so listen up ’cause we’re taking a deep dive into how expert entrepreneurs like you can use AI to elevate your creativity when it comes to content creation.


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