Adam Boyd

116. Selling The invisible: Best Practices For Selling A Service with Adam Boyd

Why is selling a service so difficult?

After all, if you’re a professional service provider, sales is probably not your core expertise and none of us want to come off as a ‘salesy-weirdo.’

The truth is, service providers can often have challenges with:
✅ Talking about and asking for money
✅ Building relationships quickly with potential clients
✅ Over-educating potential clients
✅ Not knowing how and when to ask for the business without looking pushy or salesy

To help solve this dilemma, I’ve invited sales trainer extraordinaire, Adam P. Boyd onto the Standout Business Show to share how you can speak to your market so that they get how you’re different.

Adam shares his valuable insights on the pivotal role deep conviction and right timing play when it comes to asking for business – all done without seeming too ‘salesy’ or pushy – and crafting a repeatable process to attract new business.

Listen up as we take a deep dive into how you can create a repeatable process for earning new business.


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